Sunday, 3 July 2011


It's been a while, dear reader, I know.  Sorry.  Ooman has been especially busy finishing her degree which seems to involve long hours staring at a blank screen, sheets of photocopied paper or the wall.  She is doing a degree in staring.

Anyway, it has provided the perfect opportunity to train The Child in the art of Getting Ooman's Attention.  We started small, you know, sitting close to Ooman and purring, waving your bum in Ooman's face, sleeping on the laptop (Ooman wasn't at all keen on this one) and chasing the pen Ooman was writing with. 

Then The Child got all creative and brought Ooman a bird. 

Well, four actually. 

And Ooman just stared at them.  No amount of bum-waving or lappy-napping would sway her.

Who knew a dead bird or two would have such power?

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