Thursday, 21 October 2010

The wrong garden

I've given up waiting for lunch to visit the garden again, it's just too cold.  It's about this time every year when Ooman develops a very annoying habit.  Usually when I want to bask in the sunshine, I sit on the doormat, ask nicely and rather than scrambling in an ungainly fashion through the cat flap, Ooman opens the door for me.  Perfect.  Most of the time, Ooman opens the door to the 'sunny garden', but around this time of year Ooman seems to think it's fun to show me the 'cold garden' instead.  And no amount of complaining will get her to change it. 

It's annoying, she's so well trained in all other respects but I can't work out how to break this habit.  Suggestions welcome in the comments box below...

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