Saturday, 29 October 2011


I'm a lucky cat.  Indeed, Felix is the Latin word for lucky.  Although I've moved about a bit, I've got my Forever Ooman and wherever I live, she's there.  Sure, there were the boomerang years, when Ooman disappeared for about 10 weeks at a time for school or university, but she always came back. 

I was found under a shed.  How I got there is another story, but I was very young and very scared and it involved two very large dogs.  Then I was put in a deep bucket (yes, a bucket - I couldn't get out) in a florist's in the hope someone would see me and rehome me.  Eventually, Ooman's own Forever Ooman peered over the edge and took me home.  The rest, dear reader, is history but it could have turned out very differently.  Like I said, I'm a lucky cat.

We're not all as lucky as I have been and recently, the idea of a 'forever' anything has been on my mind for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, Thursday was black cat awareness day.  Apparently, Oomans are less likely to rehome a completely black cat.  Black cats are the least likely to be adopted from shelters, which means they are the least likely to find a forever home or a Forever Ooman. 

Secondly, I was having a mooch through t'interweb and came across Sketches.  Sketches also has a long road ahead of her before she finds a forever home and a Forever Ooman.  But for a timely intervention under that shed, I could have been like Sketches. 

Everyone deserves a Forever Someone.  I've got Ooman.  Ooman's got me.  I'll always lick her face cream off at night, chew her toes and leave the occasional hair in her lunch box to remind her that I love her.  In return, she'll always come back.  She'll always be there in the evenings to snuggle up with and she'll always rub that spot under my chin. 

She's my Forever Ooman and I'm her Forever Cat.


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